Inmarsat SwiftBroadband
Inmarsat’s IP based data service is one of the most widely used and cost-effective solutions in the aviation industry – making sure the modern passenger is always switched on.

Providing global voice and high-speed data from cockpit to cabin, SwiftBroadband enables passengers to access their devices from anywhere in the sky and provides flight crews with real-time information to improve flight operations.

SwiftBroadband is secure, functional and compatible with government-grade encryption standards. Delivering up to 432kbps per channel (for HGA), it’s always on to meet the needs of its customers.

All SwiftBroadband solutions provide simultaneous voice and IP data communications – with guaranteed minimum connection rates. Whatever the size or type of your aircraft, or the needs of your crew or passengers – from full access to Wi-Fi, email, media streaming services to in-seat mobile phone and text services. Optimum connectivity is available on demand.

Trusted, global, L-band reliability
SwiftBroadband operates over Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite constellation, covering all major aviation routes, and every hidden island getaway, worldwide. Our L-band network can be relied upon by the aviation industry, with the redundancy and resilience to guarantee 99.9% network availability.

Each I-4 satellite combines 228 spot beams with 19 wide beams; capable of providing up to four channels of 432Kbps to a High Gain Antenna. The three I-4 satellites are complemented by Alphasat, which provides additional capacity over 33% of the I-4 coverage area. Two further L-band payloads are scheduled for the early 2020s on our I-6 constellation.

SwiftBroadband service options
SwiftBroadband (HGA)
Our top level aviation communications service. Four channels (delivering up to 432kbps per channel) per aircraft supply voice and data communications, enhanced ‘always-on’ data, HDR data rates on demand – up to 650kbps (combined 192kbps max) – and full-channel streaming.

SwiftBroadband (IGA) ­– Class 7
High-quality voice communications and background data connections are available as standard. Four channels (up to 500kbps each with IGA) per aircraft deliver simultaneous data and voice communications. Increase data speeds by using compression and multiple channels.

SwiftBroadband 200 – Class 15
This single channel system of up to 200kbps delivers high-quality voice communications and ‘always-on’ data. Additional voice channels are accessed via inbuilt VoIP functionality in the terminal.

A range of antenna solutions
SwiftBroadband offers three primary antenna options to suit differing aircraft and bandwidth requirements:

High Gain Antenna – 432Kbps
SwiftBroadband HGA delivers up to four channels per aircraft for simultaneous voice and data communications. Always-on data up to 432kbps per channel, HDR data rates up to 700kbps on demand, and full-channel streaming with SwiftBroadband X-Stream. A range of terminal equipment is available from Cobham, Honeywell, Rockwell-Collins and Thales.

Intermediate Gain Antenna – 332Kbps
IGA combines high-quality voice communications with a symmetric, background data connection of up to 332Kbps per channel. Up to four channels per aircraft for concurrent voice and data links, with the ability to add four more VoIP connections with each. A range of guaranteed data rates can be also selected up to 128kbps, and up to 500 kbps with HDR. A range of terminal equipment is available from Cobham, Honeywell, Rockwell-Collins and Thales.

Low Gain Antenna – 200Kbps
A single channel system supporting high-quality voice, plus always-on data at up to 200Kbps per channel and guaranteed rates of eight, 16 and 32Kpbs, via a low gain antenna. Terminals available from Cobham and Honeywell.

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