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Introducing the all new GX terminals for the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service
Intellian NX Series GX Terminals deliver the high data speeds enabled by the Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka- band network. Fleet Xpress is the combination of the Global Xpress network, with the proven reliability of the FleetBroadband L-band service. The GXNX Series provides a futureproof, unrivalled performance and reliable solution to support increasing data demands for the maritime industry, across all sectors including commercial shipping, fishing, energy, government and yachting. Intellian empowers connectivity, bringing simplicity to satellite communications with advanced technology.

The Future Has Arrived
With the upcoming rollout of Inmarsat’s high speed, broadband Global Xpress(GX) service, vessel operators will have a viable solution for affordable, global, high speed broadband connectivity. Intellian’s v100GX antenna system will leave you well prepared for this next generation capability by providing outstanding performance today in standard Ku-band service and the ability to upgrade within minutes once the GX service comes online.

The Perfect Choice For Global High Speed Communications
Inmarsat's GX service represents a clear path to finally achieving the same level of connectivity offshore as you have at home or in the office.

Intellian was chosen by Inmarsat as an official GX partner to ensure a smooth, easy transition for vessel operators from legacy services to this next generation capability. From the easily upgradable v100GX to the compact GX60, Intellian's full line of GX-ready products features a simple, intuitive, graphically-based antenna remote control software, which includes features such as remote management and control from anywhere in the world, and one touch commissioning.

Intellian's GX-capable products make satellite communications easy.

Simple Conversion from Ku to Ka
The v100GX converts easily and quickly from Ku-band to Ka-band with a simple integrated RF module consisting of the BUC and LNB. The combined RF BUC & LNB assembly is is swapped out on the rear side of the reflector and the feed horn is replaced, all with no need to rebalance the system after conversion.

Intuitive User Interface
All of Intellian's line of GX capable satellite communications systems are Aptus enabled. Aptus is a simple-to-understand graphical dashboard that allows logging, recording, and fine tuning of the system for optimal performance. Aptus can be accessed across all devices, via PC, Mobile and Web.

Modern Design and Construction
There is nothing conventional about an Intellian antenna. From our user-driven, feature-oriented design approach to our extensive mechanical and environmental testing procedures, the end result is always the right tool for the job.

Frequency Tuned Radome
To make converting from Ku-band service to GX's Ka-band service, the v100GX's radome is precision engineered to provide superior RF performance in both Ku and Ka-band, eliminating the need to replace the radome in the field during conversion.

Carbon Fiber Reflector
In Ka-band, maximum RF performance requires an extremely precise reflector design. Even small rivets or minor shape deformities can have a significant impact on antenna gain. Intellian’s carbon fiber reflector is precision molded to produce a smooth, perfectly shaped, reflector surface, immune to shape changes caused by temperature variation inside the radome.

3 Year Global Warranty
Intellian provides an industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with 1 year labor warranty for all antennas, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment.

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