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Land Satellite Solutions

For leisurely adventurers or businesspeople who find themselves taking the road less traveled can choose from a range of satellite TV and Internet land solutions to ensure continuous and reliable telecommunications. When you cannot access or depend on cable or cellular networks, you can always rely on satellite networks.

Satellite TV and Internet

High-performance satellite TV devices, like the King Jack antenna are designed for installation on recreational vehicles to keep the family entertained on long road trips. Aerodynamically built for wind resistance, this compact antenna is always mounted so no stowing or storage is required. 

The choice of versatile portable or fixed terminals offer satellite Internet from anywhere in the world for heavy data consumption or ad hoc connectivity for minimal Internet services.

Portable Satellite

If portability and mobility are crucial to your communication needs, there are numerous satellite devices that are lightweight and built for flexibility. These devices offer a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot capability to connect your smart device or laptop for instant Internet access. Other devices like the RedPort Halo Wi-Fi extender system can be used with selected GSM modems and the RedPort Optimizer Wi-Fi Hotspot to boost your Internet signal for greater speeds.


The IsatHub terminals provide connectivity to the Inmarsat network, which provides global coverage excluding the polar regions. You can choose to purchase new or refurbished terminals, or rent a device for the duration of your trip. The IsatHub iSavi satellite Wi-Fi hotspot is also available as a bundle that includes the Iridium 9575 or 9555 sat phone with a durable case for storage.

Cobham, Hughes, and Harris are manufacturers of Inmarsat’s BGAN terminals and are designed for easy and convenient use for Internet, phone, SMS, fax, and streaming services. They can also support routers for a remote mobile office setup.

Thuraya IP  

The Thuraya satellite network covers 161 countries and transmits and receives signals using L-band, which has a long wavelength so there’s minimal disruption by atmospheric conditions.  Thuraya has rugged and compact wireless terminals with options to include handsets for any mission-critical task.


Flyaway VSAT antennas are designed for the broadcasting industry and are easy to deploy and setup by a single person. The VSAT antennas come in different sizes for automatic or manual signal acquisition and are high-end devices using KU, KA, X, or C-band transmission frequencies.

Fixed Satellite

Fixed satellite Internet solutions allow you to permanently install a satellite terminal or VSAT antenna in a remote location or on any vehicle or train. The Thales MissionLink and OneWeb user terminals are robustly designed to allow connectivity for multiple devices and computers to access consistent and high-speed voice and data services.


Inmarsat’s Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M (machine-to-machine) terminal facilitates services such as surveillance and monitoring and tracking of remote assets and personnel across any global region.


The Hughes 9201 terminal offers high usage IP services for operations in isolated areas where organizations need Internet applications for business continuity. Various BGAN Link data plans are available for different data usage needs.

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