Fixed satellite phones are sophisticated devices that are permanently installed at remote locations for mobile office environments. They offer PABX features while connected to a satellite communications service to offer voice and data modem capabilities.

Docking Station

Docking stations use a coaxial cable to connect to an outdoor antenna to maintain a reliable line-of-sight satellite connection. Docking stations also charge the mobile handset while it’s docked and provides a fixed phone unit.

Iridium and SatStation

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone handset is bundled with the SatStation Desktop dock suited for a desktop installation. It provides inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities, a USB data port, and an integrated antenna for stable connectivity. The Iridium 9555 docking station model is best suited for users who need a remote office environment while offering portability and functionalities for professional requirements.

The SatStation Desktop Dock has a TNC cable interface on the rear side to interface with a user-supplied antenna cable. It plugs into a standard AC wall outlet. To use the Desktop Dock, users will first insert the included RF adapter into the antenna adapter port of their Iridium 9555. Then, place the Iridium satellite phone on the docking station cradle and it is ready to go. The cradle securely holds the phone and connects it to an external antenna.

SatStation Advance Touch

Iridium’s SatStation Advance Touch is an industry first as it enables you to place and receive calls without needing a separate handset. But either utilizing the Privacy Handset or the built-in loudspeaker that has an echo-cancellation and background noise filtering for a full duplex hands-free operation.


  • First touch screen Iridium phone

  • Sleek and professional design

  • Store up to 1,000 contacts

  • SMS capability with full on screen keyboard

  • Full duplex hands-free operation

  • Two mode operation: loudspeaker or private talk (via Privacy Handset)

  • Echo cancellation and background noise filtering

  • Audio out (allows conversations to be recorded)

ASE Comcenter

The ASE ComCenter ranges offer both voice and data services and provide an Ethernet port for network connectivity. The ComCenter II is available in two main configurations such as the Voice and Data model or the Data model only. Each unit allows configurations and accessories such as privacy handsets and GPS. The high-quality data and voice terminal for the Iridium network offers superior connectivity.

The ASE ComCenter II Series can be used indoors and integrated using the POTS (RJ11) interface to connect to your PBX or standard analog phone. Typically, the ComCenter is installed near the ship’s bridge or in a remote office.


  • Exclusive ASE SatChat text messaging

  • Color-coded incoming and outgoing messaging

  • Automatic system status messaging

  • POTS interface for extended voice links

  • ASE ‘SmartDial’

  • RJ-45 intelligent privacy handset interface for voice or texting

  • Supports pre-paid scratch and post-paid Manager’s cards

  • Pre-assigned PIN(s) to protect post-paid usage

  • Data connectivity using Ethernet infrastructure

  • IP setup utilities simplifies installation

  • Real-time and historical diagnostic logs

  • GPS Option comes with configurable periodic reports to provide a low-cost tracking solution.

  • Third Party Apps include email, weather info, blogs.

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