Inmarsat prepaid plans and monthly subscription options let you unlock the voice and data capabilities offered through Inmarsat’s portable and handheld devices. Inmarsat’s reliable and global network is powered by 12 geosynchronous (GEO) satellites that provide high-quality communication.

Covering the oceans and major land masses, the Inmarsat satellite constellation offers clear and dependable voice and data solutions across the globe, excluding the poles. The range of Inmarsat devices are tailored to meet any travel and communication need for individuals, small teams, large enterprises, or maritime organizations.

Inmarsat IsatPhone

To use the IsatPhone devices, you can choose from a variety of Inmarsat satellite phone plans. Depending on what you need from a sat phone will determine which model and plan suits you best. If you only need dependable voice services for a short period, then a prepaid plan is ideal. But, if you’re off to northern Namibia for six months and need data access as well, choosing a postpaid plan with lower rates will give you 24-hour connectivity.

Voice Calling

The IsatPhone Pro and next generation, IsatPhone 2 sat phones both provide excellent voice quality communications and standard features for text and voicemail. The antenna needs a direct view of the sky, so results are best when using the phone in a stationary position.

Data Connectivity

If you need full data connectivity for yourself or your team, Inmarsat has a comprehensive range of external connectivity services. The Fleet, BGAN, and IsatHub solutions provide full broadband services and enhanced data communication for high-volume use. Data plans are purchased separately.

Prepaid Plans

Inmarsat prepaid cards come preloaded with bundled units ranging from 50 to 5000. You can also purchase an Inmarsat SIM card and use vouchers to top up the voice minutes as and when you need them.

Airtime Rates

Calls are charged in units so for example, if you make a voice call to an Iridium sat phone, the rate is 5.70 units per minute but if you call a Thuraya phone, it’s 4 units per minute. Note that different unit bundles are valid for different periods, so 100 units are valid for 180 days, but 5000 units are valid for a year.

Postpaid Plans

When you’re traveling through an unstable region, having a satellite phone gives you a sense of safety, knowing you have guaranteed connectivity at a push of a button. And, if you want the avoid the potential risk of running out of airtime, consider a monthly paid subscription. This will give you peace of mind that you can rely on your IsatPhone connectivity when you need it the most.

Regional Use

Postpaid plans offer subscriptions for North America or Global use with varying monthly fees and call rates to other phones and voicemail. Both plans waiver an activation fee and the Global bundles include free minutes and free incoming calls. Other packages have free minutes included and can send alerts when you’re nearing your limit.

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