OneWeb Government
OneWeb global communications network will deliver the levels of reliable and secure throughput that government applications require. Our high-speed, low latency creates new Use Cases that will enhance decision-making and security to connect those who protect. These include breakthroughs in the commercial mobile communications sector such as increased GPS capability, improved persistent FMV (Full-Motion Video) relay for unmanned aircraft systems, and increased reliance on mobile adhoc networks.

OneWeb’s global network also creates new solutions for civil government applications such as border forces, maritime security, disaster management and recovery, and government-funded non-profit social initiatives in areas such as education.

OneWeb is a satellite communications provider operating 74 active satellites on the Ku- and Ka-band frequency. OneWeb Internet over satellite serves multiple industries across the globe and offers low latency, broadband access. When it was purchased by the UK government, OneWeb extended its service as a space-based navigation system.

OneWeb’s goal is to build global connectivity through offering economical solutions. This will provide Internet access everywhere for everyone comparable to fiber connectivity without the cost or disruption of terrestrial based networks. OneWeb differentiates itself with its mass production satellite assembly line, simple solutions that are cost-effective and robust, and through its low latency, high bandwidth connectivity.

Satellite Constellation

OneWeb’s constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites will increase service offerings to ensure its customers can access quality satellite internet globally. The OneWeb constellation was built as a broadband internet space-based service, providing internet to rural and urban areas that lack the infrastructure for internet connections and it was designed as an alternative to existing services.

Innovating with electronically scanning antennas using the latest software and hardware technologies for multiple beamforming and satellite tracking will unlock OneWeb’s growth and alignment with industry leaders.

OneWeb Terminals

With its deployment of low earth orbit satellites, OneWeb’s Internet satellites deliver a network of global gateway stations to bring sophisticated connectivity solutions. With the current global health and economic crisis, demand is increasing for rural and under-connected communities, remote working, and online learning, requiring more solutions to connect people worldwide. OneWeb is making significant strides to deliver solutions that are currently lacking.

The user terminals provide an improved field of view for global access by connecting to its advanced LEO satellite constellation.

OneWeb User Terminal     

The compact OneWeb user terminal is designed with optional Wi-Fi, LTE and 3G integration to enable mass market connectivity for multiple users needing enterprise applications in fixed locations. High-quality connectivity is becoming a lifeline to enable people to work, continue their education, stay up to date on important healthcare information and stay connected to loved ones.

OneWeb’s user terminals and satellite network is designed to fill critical gaps in the global communications infrastructure. Using the OneWeb satellite terminal offers high-performance with up to 50Mbps throughput. 

Suitable for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Market communications, on and off-shore telecommunications for maritime, government applications, and reliable connectivity for the oil and gas industry.

OneWeb User Terminal for Trucks and Trains

The flat panel Oneweb satellite antenna user terminal is OneWeb’s Active Electronically Scanned Antenna (AESA) designed for ultimate mobility while accessing global connectivity and networking solutions.

The aerodynamically engineered antenna is ideal for use on vehicles and trains to provide superior communications in disaster situations regardless of geography and an always-on connection for those in-motion, including first responders and emergency services.

Constellations in low and medium Earth orbits move across the sky and ground terminals like the OneWeb terminal for trucks and trains are engineered to track satellites through electronic steering and scanning while maintaining quality connections.

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