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Inmarsat Satellite Phones

The Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Pro are handheld satellite phones offering reliable global coverage, excluding the polar regions. Inmarsat phones guarantee clear and dependable telecommunications in the most isolated areas.

IsatPhone 2

This robust handset is designed with an ingress protection rating of IP65 and impact rating of IK04. It offers voice, text, data services, location tracking, assistance button, and incoming call alert when stowed. Its rich feature set and Windows compatibility keeps you connected to continue with your business operations while traversing the harshest terrains. If you intend to use a sat phone regularly, you can buy an IsatPhone 2 or choose to rent one for temporary or infrequent use. The Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 price is around $950 and includes the handset, rechargeable battery, universal adaptors, car charger, handsfree kit, USB cable, and a holster for easy portability.

IsatPhone Pro

Being the predecessor to the IsatPhone 2, this is Inmarsat’s cost-effective sat phone providing voice, text, email messaging, and GPS location. Built to survive extreme conditions, the IsatPhone Pro has an ingress protection rating of IP54 and a humidity tolerance up to 95 percent. It supports Bluetooth for handsfree use and because calls are made through one network, there are no roaming charges. This phone has a battery life you can rely on with 8 hours talk time and 100 hours on standby, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

IsatPhone Plans

An IsatPhone sim card can be activated in the IsatPhone handsets for a prepaid plan or a monthly subscription. Different rates apply per minute, depending on the selected plan.


Prepaid plans allow you to purchase bundles from 100 units up to 5000 units. Rates depend on the service being used. For example, one SMS sent costs 0.50 unit or 4 units per minute for calls to voicemail.


Postpaid plans have a monthly subscription rate for a minimum contract period. You can choose between purchasing a global plan if you intend traveling across multiple countries and continents, or a plan for North America if stationed in this area only.

IsatPhone Accessories

Both IsatPhone handsets are compatible with various accessories that are a worthwhile investment for backup and safety in remote areas to keep your sat phone operational.


Different BEAM external antennas can be used with the IsatPhone handsets for enhanced voice signal quality. The Beam Inmarsat Bolt Mount Antenna ISD720 is suitable for fixed and vehicular use while the Beam Inmarsat GSPS Antenna ISD700 is specifically designed for fixed installations. Specific cables are required for each antenna.


It is always advisable to have spares for the IsatPhone 2 battery and IsatPhone Pro as a replacement or backup. It is not enough to simply have backup batteries so consider buying a mains charger or car charger to keep those batteries powered up.

Docking Stations

Various docking stations can be used in vehicles or fixed sites for convenient hands free use that provides charging power to the handset and PABX features.

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