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Vehicle Mounted VSAT Satellite Internet Antennas

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Vehicular VSAT Satellite Internet Antennas

Satellite internet for vehicles come as vehicle-mounted mobile antennas that enable video, voice, IP and data connectivity from any location where your vehicle can take you. iNetVu, Cobham, Winegard, and AvL are just some of the models that offer vehicle mounted Wi-Fi antennas for continuous and reliable internet access.

AvL Technologies

Delivering innovative designs for mobile satellite solutions, AvL antennas comes in a range of different sizes to suit any need and budget. Wireless Internet for vehicles ensures dependable accessibility while on the move from anywhere to prevent you from being or feeling isolated from the world.

AvL Product Range

AvL offers a host of products such as the 3.8-meter motorized antenna, a 2.4-meter simultaneous X/Ka carbon fiber antenna or C/Ku Band antenna, the Ka-Band mobile VSAT IP broadband system, as well as a 2 meter and 1.8 meter antenna, and much more. AvL Technologies has a wide choice to offer something to everyone.


Cobham is a world leader in satellite communication devices that not only include maritime solutions but also offer vehicle Internet systems for quality connectivity.

Fly Away

Cobham’s Fly Away models are satellite communication antennas that deliver small, portable VSAT solutions. They are lightweight and durable offering multi-band operations for stable and high-bandwidth connectivity and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

The Cobham Explorer range provides the 5120 auto-deploy antenna system and the 3075 75cm VSAT for effective and consistent communication. These terminals provide fast connectivity for voice and data services for any industry or use that requires mobility and flexibility.

Drive Away

The Cobham Drive Away Antenna is a mobile satellite vehicle mounted system designed for automatic satellite acquisition from a fixed location. Whether you’re travelling across countries and continents, or doing remote field work, you can rely on Cobham to provide uninterrupted Internet, data and voice communication access.

The Explorer range of VSAT Internet satellite systems are durable, motorized systems suitable for any vehicle or trailer. Once you arrive at your destination, you can quickly activate the satellite acquisition with one simple touch control.


iNetVu is a popular provider of VSAT Internet satellite solutions offering vehicle-mounted systems, fly away antennas and fixed motorized antennas. Its automatic signal procurement for fast, reliable broadband Internet makes this brand a high-quality choice in satellite connectivity.

The iNetVu range provides communication in Ka-band, Ku-band, C-band and X-band in antenna sizes that range from 75cm to 2.4m to suit all critical communication requirements.

iNetVu’s Ka-75V is a 75cm auto-acquiring satellite system that can be used with ViaSat modems. It can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle for direct broadband access from anywhere and anytime.

The 1800+ model has a thermoset-molded reflector with a heavy-duty feed arm. It’s compatible with most commercially available satellite modems and also has a 3-Axis motorization and supports manual control whenever required. Its advanced technology allows locating satellites within minutes for quick signal acquisition.

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