Iridium 9575 Extreme Antennas

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External sat phone antennas are mostly necessary when using your satellite phone under cover or indoors. But even if you are using your satellite device outdoors, investing in an Iridium 9555 antenna or any external sat phone antenna can save you a lot of frustration. Satellite signals can rise and fall depending on various factors, such as weather conditions. And, when connectivity is critical for your communication needs, never underestimate the power of a solid, strong signal for ultimate performance.

Benefits of using an External Antenna

Using an Iridium portable auxiliary antenna regardless of where you are, brings the advantage of improved signal strength. While satellite phones have inbuilt antennas, the external antennas are much more sensitive for increased signal capture and reception. If a sat phone signal drops below two bars, the quality of the call is significantly affected.

If you’re trying to use data services on your phone, you need at least four bars to use the service. External satellite phone antennas provide better and more reliable voice and data services with fewer signal drops meaning you spend less time connected to your call, which decreases your call costs.

Choosing an External Antenna

If you don’t want to compromise on safety and reliability, investing in an external antenna means you can rely on your satellite service from anywhere in the world. Whether you need an Iridium 9505a antenna or an Iridium 9575 external antenna, you will need to consider your mobility requirements and the scope of your budget.

Fixed External Antennas

Antennas can be permanently fixed at a remote site to offer constant access to enhanced connectivity. These external antennas are compatible with most Iridium devices for access to the Iridium satellite network.

  • Mounted antennas like the Beam Mast and AeroAntenna models can be permanently mounted at a remote location or on a vessel with a cable connected to the Iridium phone.

  • The Iridium AD510-1 Passive Antenna and Iridium AD511 Active Antenna are high performance devices for environments where longer cable runs are needed in fixed locations.

  • Dual Mode accessories like the Beam Dual Mode / Iridium GPS antenna are suitable for exposure to harsh environments that require tracking functionality for GPS-based devices.

Portable External Antennas

External magnetic mounted antennas offer the convenience of easily attaching and detaching an external antenna to a vehicle or other magnetic surface. These are the best options for portability and for on-demand use.

  • Light and easily transported, the Iridium 9555 / 9575 Extreme External Magnet Mount Antenna is ideal when on the move while maintaining a seamless satellite connection for voice and data needs.

  • The Iridium 9575 Extreme / 9555 / 9505A portable auxiliary antenna helps boost your satellite reception using a pocket-sized convenient antenna Compatible with the latest Iridium handsets, this is ideal for people who are on constantly on-the-move.

  • The Iridium Beam magnetic patch antenna is specially made for land based use or an interim installation, which can be used with any Iridium devices.

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Satellite phones require line of sight to the satellite to connect. They do not have enough transmit power to go through walls etc. 

We suggest a Docking Station with an RJ11 port, this enables you to connect a cordless phone to the docking station and roam freely indoors. 

This type of installation requires an antenna mounted at the highest point possible on the roof. We would need to know what length cable to provide as well, the proper size is needed to ensure signal propagation, this is a vital aspect of the install. 

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