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Cobham Sea Tel and Cobham Sailor are high-end hardware antennas engineered for the maritime industry. With flexible services packages to suit varying data consumption needs, vessels and fleets of any size can find the best solution for long-range, uninterrupted connectivity.

Internationally Approved

Cobham maritime antennas and satellite equipment are approved Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems, which are internationally approved for safety and communication protocols used by all marine vessels while out at sea.

Sea Tel

The Cobham Sea Tel range of maritime antennas offer reliable and superior bandwidth connectivity. The extensive satellite communications range provides robust, and marine GPS antennas products to enhance safety and logistics for fleets. Features include low bandwidth messaging, alerts, and wireless Internet for crew and passengers who need to use intensive internet applications over a satellite network.


Components and different parts are available to support most Sea Tel models that include replacement kits, additional power supplies, and drive motors.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband offers data and voice broadband communications through compatible antenna systems, namely the Cobham Sailor Inmarsat Fleet One, Cobham Sailor 250 and the Cobham Sailor 500 that differ in size for low to high-end usage. Most of the FleetBroadband solutions include a cabled or wireless Cobham VoIP handset for superior audio clarity while offering cost-effective voice solutions.


Rack, wall, and mast mounts are available to securely fix the antennas to outdoor structures. The antennas are designed to withstand any sea and weather conditions.

Cobham Sailor SC4000

The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system offers true global coverage and competitive airtime rates. It supports a wide selection of crew calling plans and prepaid scratch-cards and offers an on-board telephone box. Each crew member can manage and control their own costs directly to manage individual billing and administration costs.

The standard data capability of the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system is 2.4 kbps and can be turned up to 10 kbps by accessing Iridium's 10 kbps compressed data service. It supports the PC based Iridium SMS service for communication with other Iridium phones.


Although the SC4000 comes as a full bundle, components can be purchased separately such as the Above or Below Deck Units, compatible handset, cables, fax adaptor, and mounting brackets.

VSAT Systems

A VSAT system consists of a miniature satellite antenna and transceiver enclosed in a protective dome cover and installed above the deck. The stabilized antenna systems offer dependable signal acquisition responds quickly to the vessel’s motion and location to avoid loss of connectivity, regardless of the conditions. The in-built shock and vibration capabilities proves its robust design for any maritime requirement.

Cobham Sailor

The Cobham Sailor 900 is optimized for Ku-Band and convertible to Ka-Band and delivers advanced features for higher bandwidth and data throughput. The Cobham Sailor models increase with size to match the demands of communication needs on any vessel size. The smaller Cobham Sailor 600 and 800 VSAT systems are ideal for medium to large vessels offering the best benefits of VSAT connectivity over the Ka or Ku-band frequencies.

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