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Inmarsat IsatHub Portable Satellite Internet Hotspot

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The Inmarsat IsatHub iSavi is a great traveling companion. Light, compact, and simple to set up, the hotspot terminal will instantly get your devices online no matter where you are in the world. It comes with practical and trendy accessories, like the pelican 1200 case with foam keeping the IsatHub secure and safe during transport.

Global Coverage

Inmarsat is a leading global satellite operator and its smart technologies deliver extensive voice and data capabilities across the planet, excluding the pole regions. Inmarsat offers extensive prepaid plans and postpaid options to seamlessly access its sophisticated satellite network.

Inmarsat IsatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Inmarsat hotspot terminal is a smart device keeping you connected with your business or loved ones. Whether you’re traveling for an adventure or working in a remote region, you can rely on the Isavi for continuous access to satellite services.

How Does It Work

Download the IsatHub app from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to access the IsatHub service. The intuitive app provides set up assistance and gives you full management over the service and complete visibility of data usage from each connected device sharing the IsatHub. The voice app lets you send and receive voice calls on your smart device, as well as text messages while in Wi-Fi mode only.

Control App Features

A host of features are available through the IsatHub service app that ensures you get the best use from your Isavi hotspot. The signal strength indicator offers pointing assistance for rapid signal acquisition. You can register with the Inmarsat network and manage costs and usage for connected devices as well as enabling you to select predefined Firewall configuration.

Security levels include MAC address filtering and Wi-Fi password control, and additionally it supports auto SIP registration (with SIP proxy in terminal), error handling, a terminal temperature warning, call duration information and much more to enrich your IsatHub experience.

Technical Specifications

The Inmarsat iSavi IsatHub satellite Wi-Fi hotspot weighs 850g with a 2.5 hour operating battery and supports the following functions:

  • Standard IP (up to 384 / 240 Kbps)

  • Circuit switched voice

  • Wi-Fi range of 30 metres / 100 feet

  • Built in SIP server

  • Mains charger

  • USB port for firmware updates only

  • LED arrows for pointing assistance

Bundled Options

Inmarsat IsatHub can be purchased as a new or refurbished standalone unit or as part of a bundle. Various options include the Isavi unit and pelican 1200 case, or you can choose to include an Iridium 9575 or 9555 handset with the case and hotspot.


The Wideye Isavi spare rechargeable li-ion battery is an essential backup to ensure your hotspot terminal never loses power. And the AC supply pack comes with international adapters to connect to an electrical power source for charging up the unit. The terminal has a battery / AC status indicator so you can keep your eye on power levels during use.

Category Questions

The iSavi™ has the ingress protection rating of IP65, which means it is protected from dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction. However, while charging, you need to protect the terminal from rain or water contact.

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