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Thuraya offers a diverse range of innovative and highly reliable maritime voice and data products. Superior technologies and products, from broadband devices and terminals to highly reliable mobile satellite handsets, provide ease of use, value, quality and efficiency. Thuraya maritime equipment, built by the world’s best manufacturers, can be installed on ships in just hours. This helps ship owners to reduce operational costs, while constant connectivity improves crew welfare. Thuraya Atlas IP delivers added value to end-users seeking advanced connectivity and greater operational efficiency on board ships. It provides merchant maritime, fishing, government and leisure users with a purpose-designed, fully-featured maritime satellite terminal that supports voice and broadband IP data connectivity at speeds of up to 444kbps. For ship owners or managers who need a robust and highly reliable maritime-specific terminal for basic data and VoIP capabilities, look no further than the Thuraya Orion IP. Thuraya SeaStar offers unrivaled functionality and unprecedented levels of value. Our Navisat circuit-switched terminal is the ideal solution for clear and reliable voice reception on any small to medium vessel. Thuraya Seagull 5000i with Fax Connect is a voice, data and fax satellite terminal with a built-in GPS tracking system that keeps vessels connected at sea. The SF2500 is a voice satellite terminal that combines voice capabilities, crew calling, GPS tracking, geofencing and SMS services in a compact, cost-effective package. Thuraya’s cutting-edge satellite network connects the world’s major shipping routes. We remain committed to delivering essential tools for the maritime sector, never leaving anyone out of reach.

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