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Fixed satellites offered through solutions like the Hughes BGAN terminals and Iridium’s Thales MissionLink 350 provide reliable and fast data and voice communications in remote areas where there is limited or no ground-based network. The benefits include a once-off installation that offers always-on Internet connectivity.

Fixed versus Portable

Fixed satellite is permanently setup in one location and configured to a satellite such as the OneWeb User Terminal, which is a compact, fixed solution for any structure, vehicle, or vessel. Fixed solutions are different to portable units like the Hughes 9202 BGAN satellite terminal that can be easily moved between sites while accessing satellite communication services. 


BGAN M2M (machine-to-machine) services allow organizations to manage and track remote assets over the BGAN network to improve integration with IoT applications. The technology improves the welfare and productivity of personnel and increases the quality and reliability of services.

The Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M External Antenna is installed at a location and can be operated remotely over Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network for machine-to-machine applications such as asset monitoring or video surveillance.

Data Plans

BGAN M2M monthly subscription plans are offered in minimum contract lengths of 12, 24, or 36 months. It requires one activation fee and a monthly charge depending on the selected plan. You can choose between a 2MB, 5MB, 10MB, or 20MB plan with 5 inclusive SMS’s and out of bundle charges if the standard allowance is exceeded. Static IP plans are also available as a one-off contract cost.


Inmarsat’s BGAN Link offers a broadband data service to users and companies who have high-data consumption needs on a monthly basis. BGAN Link terminals are capable of up to 492 Kbps upload and download speeds with minimal rain fade as it uses the L-band frequency. These terminals can be used in remote homes or offices to provide live video streaming, VPN, email, and Internet applications.

Data Plans

Different BGAN Link data plans can be used in certain geographical regions and start from 5GB up to 30GB per month with a minimum contract period of at least 12 months.


Fixed VSAT systems are designed as a permanent installation for remote structures allowing users to connect to satellite services through a satellite router configured to use the VSAT. Varying sizes are available on the Ku or C-band depending on your communication requirements.

Bundled systems come with the necessary accessories to get your VSAT system installed for dependable data and voice services:

  • 1.2-meter or 1.8-meter Meter Ku Band VSAT Internet Kit

  • 1.2m Fixed De-Ice Antenna Complete System

  • 2.4 Meter C Band Platinum Internet Kit

Motorized VSAT

iNetVu’s range of motorized antennas are fixed satellite solutions that automatically acquire satellite signals. They are installed and assembled on poles after which the antenna controllers manage the connection to a target satellite with precision and accuracy. 

The iNetVu VSAT systems come in sizes of 1.2-meter and 1.8-meter reflector dishes, which are designed to work with the iNetVu 7024 controller and compatible with selected modems.

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