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Shaw Direct FAQs

Receiver FAQs
What receiver models are there?
Shaw Direct currently has two receiver models. The HDSR800 and the HDPVR830.

What is the difference between the HDSR800 and HDPVR830?
The HDSR800 is a basic HD satellite receiver, able to provide HD signal to a single TV. The HDPVR830 can provide HD signal to a single TV, as well as record and save a show from a separate channel at the same time.

What signal input does the 800 require?
The 800 requires a single coax from the dish or appropriate switch.

What signal input does the 830 require?
The 830 requires two coax from the dish or appropriate switch.

Do I need to run two coax for my PVR?
Yes. Your PVR will not function properly if a single coax is split.

What output options do the receivers have?
Both receivers have a HDMI output as well as a HD Component output (HD signal, no sound).

Does my receiver come with a remote?
Yes. Both receivers include a remote.

How many receivers can I have?
Shaw Direct generally limits accounts to 6 receivers per account. If you want to surpass this, contact Shaw Direct directly.

Shaw Direct Dish FAQs
What dish models are there?
Shaw Direct currently produced two dishes. The 60E and the 75E.

How big is the 60E dish?
The dish plate is 33" x

How big is the 75E dish?
The dish plate is 37" x

Can I use my existing dish from another provider?
No. Shaw Direct has proprietary dish technology. Only Shaw Direct and older Star Choice dishes will receive Shaw Direct signal.

Does my dish need power?
The satellite dish gets its power from the receivers.

Can I watch my subscription in the United States?
This is not approved or supported by Shaw Direct. Breaking Shaw Terms of Service can lead to account deactivation.

Shaw Direct LNBs
Shaw Direct LNB FAQs

What is the current LNB model?
The newest LNB is called a Triple Satellite Quad Output xKu LNB.

Are the LNB's dish-size specific?
Yes. There is a LNB made for either the 60E or 75E dish size.

Can I purchase the old LNB?
The Dual Satellite LNB is no longer available to be purchased new. We do not carry second hand equipment.

How many outputs does each LNB have?
Each LNB has four fully functional coax outputs. Keep in mind HDSR800's require a single coax, HDPVR830's require two.

How can I get more outputs?
By using a Shaw Direct approved switch, you can increase your outputs from 4 to 8.

Can I use my subscription while travelling?
Camping combos allow you to use a receiver, already activated on an account, anywhere within Canada.

What satellite should I point my dish at?
Shaw Direct suggests using 107.3W as the satellite to configure your setup off of.

One of my dish locations is not functioning?
If you are using one account in more than one location, your LNBs need to be the same generation (Either both "Dual Satellite" or both "Triple Satellite"). Inconsistency will cause on of your locations not to work.

Who is Star Choice?
Star Choice was the previous name of the company now known as Shaw Direct

Can I add Shaw Direct to my Shaw Cable account?
Shaw Direct is run as a separate company from Shaw Cable. There are currently no bundles offered included both.

Cottages & RVers
Cottage goers and RVers can experience their holidays away with great Shaw Direct programming. Including access to over 500 television channels. The true portability of our satellite TV product allows people to remain connected to their communities and programming, regardless of where they actually are.
  1. The elliptical design of Shaw Direct's satellite dish lends itself to travel, harnessing the power of two satellites to provide you with a reliable signal no matter where you are in Canada.
  2. Shaw Direct provides extensive portability options, ranging from fully automated RV solutions to affordable standalone tripods.

Updated December 27, 2019

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