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Oil & Gas Adventure Travel Aviation
Satellite communications to keep your business-critical connections up and running, increase workers’ safety, enhance on-site efficiency and help you to reduce time to oil and drilling costs.
Extreme Conditions. Extreme Solutions. Adventure travelers make a point of visiting some of the most inaccessible locations on the planet. Where there are no house phones, there’s Iridium—providing full data and voice communications anywhere on the planet.

Ground to air. Pole to pole. From the cockpit to the cabin, Iridium’s global communications services keep you connected, providing continuous communications no matter where your flight takes you.

Emergency Preparedness Relief Government
Instant voice communications and broadband access for NGO workers and humanitarian and relief missions setting up emergency telecoms centers and collecting data from the field.
National and regional governments alike depend on mobile satellite services for a wide variety of applications. Our technology allows government users to transfer large amounts of data safely—to locations no one else can reach.
Maritime Military Heavy Industry
Advanced communications solutions to operate your vessel efficiently, enhance overall business operations and ensure crew morale and loyalty.
Secure, reliable and assured communications allowing troops and personnel to respond quickly in the field while maintaining constant contact with the command center.
Communication solutions that do the heavy lifting.  Because conventional wireless connectivity isn’t always where you are. Iridium’s 100% global coverage provides industrial customers with reliable, low-cost satellite communication services for business telephony, email and data transfer.

Media Transportation
Real-time voice & data communications enabling journalists to report the news and deliver live broadcasts from anywhere in the world.
Thanks to Iridium’s global network, en route doesn’t mean out of touch. Our full-spectrum communication services provide complete tracking, voice and data connectivity between units on the move and managers back at the office.
Because conventional wireless connectivity isn't always where you are, our 100% global coverage provides customers with reliable, low cost satellite communication services including internet, email, phone, fax, corporate LAN and streaming data transfer regardless of location or conditions.