Datalink Tracker i50 Multi-Network Terminal

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Datalink Tracker i50 Multi-Network Terminal
The i50b Series terminal offers extensive GPS tracking options utilising the Iridium network including the ability to interface with external devices and sensors. Internal GPS receiver. Three RS-232 serial com ports. Optional dual network option (GSM-GPRS internal modem) with automatic switching between networks.

With an internal Iridium 9601 SBD modem and/or quad-band GPRS modem, microcontroller and high-sensitivity GPS receiver, the Tracker i50 provides an intelligent self-contained solution. Multiple serial ports, I/O lines and optional internal Wi-Fi module allow a wide range of external devices (including Kenwood NXDN radios) to be connected.

The i50 is fully integrated with Datalink?s DataGate server software, which handles all required network routing. You can interface directly with this application using a SQL database, or make use of Datalink?s existing end-to-end tracking and control solution.

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