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Thuraya Pay As You Go Plan Thuraya IP Basic Plan Thuraya IP Mid Plan
Thuraya Pay As You Go Plan
Setup Cost: $49.95
Thuraya IP Basic Plan
Monthly: $59.95
Setup Cost: $49.95
Thuraya IP Mid Plan
Monthly: $519.95
Thuraya IP Unlimited - Extra Plan Thuraya IP Unlimited - Super Plan

The Thuraya IP SIM card enables you to access Thuraya High Speed internet service on ThurayaIP satellite modem.
To use the ThurayaIP service, please insert the SIM card into the designated SIM slot on the ThurayaIP satellite modem.

All Thuraya IP service plans are offered on a month to month basis without any long term commitments.

Pay as You Go Low Plan Mid Plan
Monthly Fee $48.00 $539.91
Activation Fee $49.95 $49.95 $0.00
Minimum Duration 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Implied Allowance N/A 10MB* 150MB*
Cost of MB in allowance $7.25 $4.80 $3.59
Out of Allowance IP per MB $7.25 $4.80 $3.59
Both background IP and Streaming services can be used within the Allowance. * Maximum Mbytes if Allowance only uses background IP. Streaming services cost the same in and out of the allowances.
Postpaid Unlimited Airtime High Plan Super Plan
Monthly Fee $3250.00 $4399.00
Activation $0.00 $0.00
Speed (Kbps) 144 444
Minimum Duration 1 Month 1 Month
Fair Use Policy (FUP) 15GB 30GB
Effective cost per MB $0.19 $0.14
Speed after FUP is reached 32Kbps 64Kbps
Fair Use Policy (FUP) - Data Bundles
5GB $1800.00 $1800.00
10GB $2495.00 $2495.00
30GB $2995.00 $2995.00
In any month, once the Fair Use Policy is reached, speed is reduced to the after limit level above. This is reset back to normal at the start of the next month. Additional blocks of GBytes can be purchased after the limit is reached in any month. These upgrade the speed back up to the normal 144Kbps or 444Kbps. Unlimited packages are Background IP only - Streaming services are purchased in addition.
Static IP Address
Monthly Charge $35.00 $35.00
A dynamic IP address is provided by default at activation. A public static IP address is available at US$35.00 per month. Public Static IP address can be added / removed on request, charged in minimum of and in periods of one month.
Streaming IP per min. (Up / Down) 16k 32k 64k 128k 256k 384k
16k $1.82 $2.48 $3.80 $5.85 $9.35 $12.75
32k $2.48 $2.59 $4.25 $6.30 $9.75 $13.25
64k $3.80 $4.25 $4.95 $7.65 $11.15 $14.49
128k $5.85 $6.30 $7.65 $8.70 $13.25 $16.50
256k $9.35 $9.75 $11.15 $13.25 $14.95 $19.99
384k $12.75 $13.25 $14.49 $16.50 $19.99 $20.99

*First month pro-rata, then monthly in advance

Monthly MB allowance is not carried over to the next month. Volumes not used are forfeited.
Streaming IP is available on all packages and will be charged as per the table above.

Thuraya IP Coverage Map

With access in over 140 countries, Thuraya IP provides coverage across 70% of the world.