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Beam Oceana 400 Maritime Fixed Phone Beam Oceana 800 Maritime Fixed Phone Inmarsat FleetPhone SIM Card

Low-cost maritime satellite phone service for vessels where making calls is the primary requirement or extra voice lines are needed.

Inmarsat FleetPhone Features

FleetPhone has a voicemail facility that allows messages to be left if calls cannot be taken.
Multi-user Capability
The RJ-11/POTS interface enables connection of up to five standard corded/cordless phones or integration with a PABX system.

505 Emergency Calling
Our 505 Emergency Calling facility puts vessels directly in contact with a maritime rescue co-ordination centre (MRCC) free of charge.*

Language Support Terminal
FleetPhone supports English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.*

GPS Tracking Terminal
FleetPhone has an built-in GPS receiver for instant tracking functionality.*

Data Capability
Send simple text emails with small attachments using the 2.4kbps circuit-switched data service.

Text-to-text, text-to-email, plus free web messages to a FleetPhone service.

Satellite Telephony
Make crystal clear phone calls to terrestrial and mobile networks, as well as other satellite terminals, anytime.

*Available on FleetPhone Oceana 800 only.

Inmarsat FleetPhone Applications

- GPS location data look-up-and-send
- Crew Welfare - Chat
- Crew welfare prepaid / postpaid
- Email
- Handheld support
- Hotspots
- Internet access
- Intranet access
- Notice To Mariners
- Shore-to-ship connectivity
- Telephony
- Telephony circuit

Bespoke applications
- Anti-Piracy / Citadel deployment
- Government / Regulatory / Control
- Optimised social solutions
- Weather Forecasts