Inmarsat iSavi WiFi Satellite HotSpot + Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone Rental

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Inmarsat iSavi WiFi Satellite HotSpot + Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone Rental
Inmarsat iSavi WiFi Satellite HotSpot + Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone Rental

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    Inmarsat iSavi WiFi Satellite HotSpot + Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone Rental

    The iSavi is lightweight, highly portable and quick and easy to set up with no technical expertise or training needed. The power consumption is low and the battery can be recharged with the included AC/DC adapter or optional car charger or solar power. Simply point the iSavi towards one of Inmarsat's global constellation of I-4 to access IsatHub. Pointing assistance is delivered via the intuitive pointing lights on the terminal along with a Control app downloaded onto your smart device, which offers other administrative features to manage service connectivity. The Inmarsat-4 3G satellite network provides global coverage meaning you can take the iSavi anywhere to seamlessly use your smart device. Once connected, the iSavi will become a Wi-Fi access point for any authorized smart devices within 30 meters (100 feet).

    Isathub Video

    Because IsatHub is delivered over Inmarsat's 3G network, your device can use its high-quality dedicated voice line to send and receive voice calls as well as text messages, even if your device is only Wi-Fi enabled. With international numbers provided by Inmarsat’s IsatHub service there will be no roaming charges, therefore, the cost of using the iSavi can be significantly less than using your 3G/4G mobile phone or tablet when roaming away from your home area.

    Inmarsat Isavi How it Works

    Take your world with you

    Imagine a world where you use your phone or tablet seamlessly to talk, text, access the internet and your apps, independently of cellular and fixed networks. Well that world is very nearly here with the imminent arrival of IsatHub, our global smart device connectivity service. So now you can remain productive by having a constant line back to the office and stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you go.

    Simple to Use

    The IsatHub service is accessed from your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch or Android[TM] device through the control app. This provides set-up assistance and gives you full control over access to the service as well as visibility of data usage from each device sharing the IsatHub connection. The voice app enables you to use your smart device to send and receive voice calls via IsatHub’s dedicated high-quality voice line, as well as text messages, even if your device is for WiFi use only.

    Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone - GLOBAL
    The Iridium 9575 Extreme is the toughest handset ever from the only company that offers real global, real mobile, real reliable communications. Engineered with more features and more accessories than any other satellite phone on the market, Iridium 9575 Extreme puts more innovative capability and more ways to connect than ever before into the hands of people everywhere.

    A highly capable handset needs a highly capable network to empower it. Iridium Extreme is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that Iridium users have come to trust, and backed by the world's only satellite network that commands real global coverage, pole to pole.
    From desert to mountain, jungle to tundra, Iridium Extreme puts more powerful capability into the hands of people, around the world. It has more features and accessories than any other satellite phone. It is the only one with real time tracking. It is the only one with GPS-enabled SOS. And it can connect with Iridium AxcessPoint to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep in touch on your trusted devices everywhere.
    No other phone in the world has more guts or grit than Iridium Extreme. It is the first phone with military-grade 810F durability. It is dust proof, shock and jet-water resistant. From emergency crews and paramedics to military personnel and government operations, Iridium Extreme is built for the world's toughest, highest usage customers to make the connections that matter under the harshest conditions, anywhere on the planet.

    Enhanced voice quality, integrated speakerphone and hands-free capability make the Iridium 9575 the smart choice.

    Text Messaging
    The Iridium 9575 Extreme is SMS enabled letting you stay in touch and share experiences with others through easy to use text messaging.  Send Free Text / SMS Message.

    Emergency SOS Button
    The Iridium Extreme is equipped with a programmable emergency button that activates critical, rapid response when you need it most. It is the only satellite phone with GPS enabled SOS button with emergency services supported by GEOS Travel Safety Group, included at no additional charge. See Details.

    GPS Positioning
    The Iridium 9575 Extreme is equipped with Location Based Services (LBS)
    enabling GPS positioning and allows you to pin point and share your coordinates from anywhere on the globe.

    Online Tracking
    Iridium data services enable highly accurate online tracking of the Iridium Extreme satellite phone for up to date monitoring of locations. Additional charges apply.

    The Fine Print
    All our bundle satellite rentals require a $900 deposit (government and accredited educational institutions as well as organizations with accounts in good standing are exempt from deposits), payable by credit card at time of rental / shipment. All rental charges, airtime charges and shipping costs will be deducted from this deposit and balance will refunded to your credit card, typically within 24-48 hours of return (longer in peak times). Phone rentals are billed from the required date, chosen by you, until the day the phone is postmarked back. The renter is solely responsible for the rented satellite phone during the rental period. Ensure the phone is adequately insured when returning your rental. Replacement value for the iSavi + Iridium 9575 Rental Kit is US$2550 plus all rental, airtime and shipping charges. All satellite phone rentals subject to our rental agreement.

    NOTE: If your order is placed online, a Canada Satellite representative will contact you by phone to confirm all rental details. At this time you will be asked to confirm your credit card and ID details (valid drivers licence, passport or any other government picture ID). This is done for security / deposit purposes. Our website is secure, and as such, we do not have access to you credit card information.

    Return Waybills may not be available from all locations.
    More Information

    iSavi + Iridum 9575 Rental Rates

    7 DAY RENTAL C$199.99 / WEEK C$199.99
    14 DAY RENTAL C$149.99 / WEEK C$299.98
    21 DAY RENTAL C$133.33 / WEEK C$399.99
    30 DAY RENTAL C$116.82 / WEEK C$499.99
    60 DAY RENTAL C$424.99 / MONTH C$949.99
    90 DAY RENTAL C$366.66 / MONTH C$1099.99
    120 DAY RENTAL C$349.99 / MONTH C$1399.99
    150 DAY RENTAL C$339.99 / MONTH C$1699.99
    180 DAY RENTAL C$316.66 / MONTH C$1899.99
    EXTRA DAY(S) EACH C$25.00 / DAY
    EXTRA WEEK(S) EACH C$149.95 / WEEK
    EXTRA MB (S) EACH US$4.99 / MB

    Iridium Global Coverage Map

    Iridium Global Coverage Map

    Iridium is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (including oceans, airways and Polar Regions). Iridium phones deliver essential communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is available.

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    Product Questions

    You must be outside, with a clear view of the sky. Buildings will interrupt the signal so make sure you are away from obstructions. Once you turn the phone on, it will start searching for service. Once connected the phone will register to the network and after that it is ready to place and receive calls.

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    Yes. As long as you have a clear view of the sky and your satellite phone registers, you will have service and place calls from anywhere in the world. 

    ... Read more

    We keep every phone active whether or not additional bundled minutes are purchased. If you use more minutes than you prepay, you will just be charged the regular rate for additional minutes. The phone never shuts off and we never interrupt service.

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    The stat date should be at least 1 or 2 days prior to your departure, excluding weekends and holidays.

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