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Environmental Monitoring Modules NEON IP Dataloggers Starlog Dataloggers
Systems Water Monitoring Modules
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Unidata can provide dataloggers and sensors for a range of applications along with engineering support services, data logging scheme writing and Neon and Starlog applications software. Unidata can also provide
systems integration services to build up specific systems, combining Unidata equipment, and purpose built enclosures, and Systems Integration, documentation, and Systems installation services for major projects.

When systems are developed, the customerís specific requirements are considered and the configuration is decided based on technical and commercial criteria. One key issue is maintainability and field support, especially for remote systems. The Neon Applications Software allows for remote configuration and adjustment of logger / Neon Remote Terminal configuration, which can be very cost effective, minimizing or eliminating the need to travel to remote logging sites to reconfigure and diagnose the equipment.

Systems can be set up inside customer defined enclosures, with the only connection necessary being a field termination strip or panel, which simplifies the field installation process. When Systems are considered, there are some key issues to consider:

  • Instrument selection, deciding on the most appropriate measurement method.
  • Site power selection, deciding if a sealed lead acid battery with solar panel support is best, or an alternative power source, for example a bank of high capacity lithium batteries may be best. Unidata has battery calculator tools available to decide on the best battery option for such systems.
  • Instrument enclosure selection, deciding on the most appropriate housing, weatherproof polycarbonate or steel enclosure, with or without sun shade protection.
  • Telemetry selection, either dial up, or IP communications via cell phone or satellite communications.
  • Logging and reporting interval selection, deciding on the balance between the cost of the telemetry. communications ( important for satellite links) and the need for 5 minute, 15 minute, hourly or daily reporting.

Power usage considerations, deciding on the balance between battery consumption and the logging and reporting interval.