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In today's "always connected" world, the expectation is to communicate just as well in the air as you can on the ground.

SwiftBroadband is designed to meet the demand for bandwidth across all areas of aviation. It delivers high-quality voice and data communications through a single antenna to the whole aircraft, servicing cockpit, cabin and operational applications.

SwiftBroadband 200, offers the same high-quality service to small to medium-sized aircraft, through a cost-effective, lighter and smaller antenna.
Enhanced data services
SwiftBroadband allow simultaneous users concurrent access to demanding applications. Data rates can be increased further by using compression and multiple data channels. It supports a choice of contended services and data streaming IP services as well as circuit-switched applications for backward compatibility

SwiftBroadband enables all key cockpit and cabin applications, including in-flight telephony, VoIP, text messaging, email, internet and VPN access, as well as flight plan, weather and chart updates. In addition, SwiftBroadband provides a platform for a variety of applications and IFE solutions.

Aircraft equipment
SwiftBroadband aircraft avionics is available from multiple vendors and utilises a high or intermediate-gain antenna. SwiftBroadband 200 utilises a low-gain antenna.
Simultaneous voice and broadband data
Contended IP data at up to 432kbps/ channel (high-gain antenna)
Contended IP data at up to 332kbps (intermediate-gain antenna)
Contended IP data at up to 200kbps (low-gain antenna SB200)
Dynamic IP data streaming at 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128kbps
Full channel streaming through SwiftBroadband Xstream
GPRS, UMTS and ISDN compatible
Currently up to two channels per aircraft over a high-gain antenna (from October 2011 four channels will be available)
Standalone or simultaneous operation with other Inmarsat services
Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including STU-IIIb, STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

SwiftBroadband is available globally, except in extreme polar regions. SwiftBroadband 200 is available over 20 degrees elevation.

SwiftBroadband and safety services
SwiftBroadband and safety services (using classic services) can be delivered simultaneously through a single installation on the aircraft. Inmarsat is working towards getting SwiftBroadband ready to deliver oceanic safety services.