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Globalstar™ GSP-1600 READ ME FIRST - Important First Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your Qualcomm GSP 1600 Globalstar™ satellite phone. The following instructions are included as a supplement to your user guide and quick reference card. Please read each of them thoroughly before using your satellite phone to ensure maximum performance.

Your Globalstar™ Phone number:

Turn the phone on, deploy the Globalstar™ antenna and press the "info" key.

Display your Cellular phone number:

Stow the Globalstar™ antenna, press the "info" key,

Charging the Battery:

Charge the battery immediately after purchasing the phone to maximize the talk and standby times. The phone's display will provide a charging status while the phone is plugged into the charger. The battery does not need to be completely drained before you recharge it.

Getting Started:

1. Rotate the satellite antenna.

2. Check to make sure you are in satellite mode by pressing and holding the "*" key and choosing "2" for Globalstar.

3. You will need to position the antenna so that it is pointing straight toward the sky. There are two positions for the antenna depending on whether you talk with the phone to the left or right side of your head.

4. Ensure that the antenna has a clear view of the sky. For example, placing a satellite call is not possible inside a building or between tall objects such as trees, buildings, and houses.

5. Leave the phone turned on, in Globalstar mode, with the antenna deployed, until you see the "i" icon in the upper right side of the display. Once you see this, you can turn the phone off, or place your first call.

Making Calls FROM Your Globalstar™ Phone (Dial 1+ Area Code + Phone Number):

To make a call from your satellite phone, turn the power on, deploy the antenna, and dial 1 + the area code and

phone number, and press "Send". Hold the phone so that the antenna is pointing skyward.

Making Calls TO Your Globalstar ™ Phone (Dial 1+ 10 Digit Globalstar™ Phone Number):

To call a Globalstar phone, dial l+ the 10-digit Globalstar phone number starting with area code 254. To receive a call using your Globalstar Phone, turn the power on and deploy the antenna, pointing skyward. Once the phone begins to ring, press "Send".

NOTE. The Globalstar™ antenna must be deployed to receive calls (that is the big antenna).

Making Calls FROM Your Globalstar™ Phone to Another Globalstar™ Phone (Dial 1+Globalstar Phone Number):

To place a call from one Globalstar™ phone to another Globalstar™ phone, simply dial 1+ the Globalstar™ phone number of the person you are calling. Remember that their phone needs to be turned on, and the antenna deployed, in order for them to receive your call. "I" should appear in the upper right side on the display.

Using the Cellular Functionality of the Globalstar™ Phone:

In order to make and receive calls using the cellular mode of your Globalstar™ phone, you must have a cellular number programmed into your phone, and you must have a cellular subscription with a cellular service provider. A list of cellular providers and programming instructions can be obtained by calling Customer Care.

Contacting Customer Care and Technical Assistance: dial *611 on the Globalstar™ phone

Globalstar™ SERVICES


Data capability, Internet and direct dialing for e-mail, fax, and file transfer. A data cable is needed.

Short Message Service (SMS):

SMS is a service that allows you to use your phone like a text pager to receive short messages. The

phone will receive 19 characters


Voicemail (with notification) is available.

Call Forwarding Services:

Call Forwarding - Busy

The customer's inbound calls will be forwarded if the customer is on another call.

To activate call forwarding when busy: Press *90 + <11 digit number> + SEND

To cancel call forwarding when busy: Press *900 + SEND

Call Forwarding - No Answer

The customer's inbound calls will be forwarded if the customer does not answer their phone after a set number of rings.

To activate call forwarding on no answer: Press *92 + <11 digit number> + SEND

To cancel call forwarding on no answer: Press *920 + SEND

Call Forwarding-Unconditional

All customer's inbound calls will be forwarded to the indicated number.

To activate call forwarding unconditional: Press *72 + <11 digit number> + SEND

To cancel call forwarding unconditional: Press *720 + SEND

Call Forwarding - Default (Voice Mail)

– if No Answer Or Busy The customer's inbound calls will be

forwarded to the customer's voice mailbox. Customer must have Voice Mail service.

To activate call forwarding to voice mail: Press *68 + <11 digit number> + SEND

To cancel call forwarding to voice mail: Press *680 + SEND

Call Forwarding Activation Codes

The customer to activate or deactivate (cancel) call forwarding features will use these codes:

Feature Description Activation






Call Forwarding - Busy *90 *900 Tone

Call Forwarding - Unconditional *72 *720 Tone

Call Forwarding - No Answer *92 *920 Tone

Call Forwarding - Default (voice mail) *68 *680 Tone

Retrieve Voice Mail

A Globalstar™ USA subscriber can retrieve their voice mail by dialing your own Globalstar™ telephone number and pressing “1” during the greeting or dial 1 (254) 378-0000.

Note- The <11 digit number> is the country code + 10 digit telephone number in the US, for example PSN is 1-703-330-9028. Other countries have a different country code and the number of digits in the
telephone number vary.